You’ll likely be referred to a sinus surgery and ENT surgeon in Mission Viejo if you have something blocking one or more of your air-filled sinus cavities. You may also benefit from treatments provided by this type of specialist if you have recurring sinus infections (chronic sinusitis) not responding well to medication, nasal rinses, and other common treatments not involving surgery.

Reasons to Visit a Sinus Surgery and ENT Surgeon in Mission Viejo

In addition to issues with chronic sinusitis and sinus blockages, you may be directed to an ENT surgeon specializing in sinus procedures for an examination and consultation if you have swollen or damaged tissues in your sinus cavities contributing to breathing issues and other difficulties. Some people also need surgery to remove large nasal polyps or tumors, even benign ones, if they are blocking airflow. Mucous membranes or thin pieces of bone may be removed as well. Sinus surgery might also be your best option if your sinus-related symptoms involve:

  • Facial pain and/or headaches
  • Recurring post-nasal drip
  • Snoring and/or sleep apnea
  • Reduced smelling capabilities
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How Sinus Surgery Is Performed

A sinus surgery and ENT surgeon in Mission Viejo often uses endoscopic procedures when performing sinus-related procedures. This type of surgery is performed with small instruments and a thin, flexible lighted tube that’s inserted through the nostrils. An attached camera allows the surgeon to view the sinus cavities and manipulate instruments. It’s an appealing option for many patients since there is no scaring and recovery times are often shorter.

Image-guided endoscopic surgery is a similar technique that may be used by an ENT surgeon to correct sinus problems. Additional image guidance is provided by CT scans and IR (infrared) signals. This approach to sinus surgery is likely to be preferred for more delicate procedures.

If a growth near or in a sinus cavity has to be removed, a sinus surgery and ENT surgeon in Mission Viejo may suggest the Caldwell-Luc procedure. It’s a technique that involves creating an artificial pathway between the nose and maxillary sinus cavity below your eye. The incision to do this is made inside your mouth by your molar teeth. What this does is allow the affected sinus cavity to properly drain.

Post-Surgery Recovery and Care

Nasal packing is typically inserted into your nostrils to control bleeding after sinus surgery is completed. It’s also important to follow aftercare instructions specific to your procedure. Directions may include avoiding strenuous motion-based activities such as jogging or other aerobic exercises. Saline rinses and nasal decongestants may also be recommended to help keep your sinus cavities and nasal passages clear post-procedure. If you respond well to the procedure that’s recommended for you, a sinus surgery and ENT surgeon in Mission Viejo can also suggest ways to reduce your risk of experiencing unexpected sinus-related problems in the future. Recommendations might, for instance, include managing seasonal allergies better by being aware of pollen counts or using air purification systems indoors. Also, pay attention to any other sinus problems that may develop later after you’ve had surgery so you can receive appropriate treatment suggestions as soon as possible.