A number of conditions can send you searching for a sinus surgery and ENT specialist in Mission Viejo. Sinus problems can be extremely annoying when they are persistent or involve significant pain or discomfort. Sinus surgery is most commonly performed when there are persistent or recurrent infections that are unresponsive to medication. Chronic sinusitis is the most common form of sinus surgery when the nose and sinuses are chronically inflamed. This type of surgery involves increasing the space between the sinuses in the inner part of the nose so that oxygen can enter and drainage can occur. Infected sinus tissue, polyps, or bone may also need to be removed during sinus surgery.

There have been advancements in sinus surgery recently that have improved past techniques. It now involves less post-surgical bleeding, and is not as invasive; less recovery time is also needed than with past versions.

Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Functional endoscopic sinus surgery is a specialized form of sinus surgery performed by a sinus surgery and ENT specialist in Mission Viejo that involves the use of an endoscope that is placed within the nose to examine the sinuses and nasal cavity. This normally means that an external incision is unnecessary. The endoscope technique offers improved visualization of diseased or damaged tissue.

A sinus surgery and ENT specialist in Mission Viejo will normally recommend endoscopic sinus surgery for those with chronic sinus problems who are unresponsive to standard forms of medical therapy. Most patients with sinusitis do not need surgery. Traditional medical intervention can treat symptoms, including medications like antibiotics, as well as treatment of allergies and environmental problems. For others, surgical intervention is necessary due to the presence of inflamed or infected tissues that do not resolve with antibiotic therapy for other drugs.

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Preparing for Sinus Surgery

Before undergoing sinus surgery, some blood work and possibly other studies will need to be performed. So that we have the most current information available, your blood work should be performed within one month of your sinus surgery. You may need to have a visit for a re-examination prior to surgery to determine if conditions have changed. You should not take aspirin for a minimum of 10 days before your surgical procedure due to the risk of bleeding. Avoid taking anti-inflammatory drugs for a minimum of five days before your sinus surgery, since they can also increase your risk of bleeding.

Your Surgery

Sinus surgery is not normally uncomfortable or unpleasant. It can be performed by your sinus surgery and ENT specialist in Mission Viejo under either general or local anesthesia. It is normal to experience some post nasal discharge for around two weeks after your surgery. Do not blow your nose for about one week after your surgery. You will be given detailed postoperative care instructions after your surgery. Your recovery depends upon you carefully following these instructions so that you heal completely and lower your odds of developing complications.