Located around your nose, eyes, and cheeks, your sinuses help keep air that comes in through your nose moist. These air-filled structures also lighten your skull and affect your voice while also filtering out airborne impurities. But if one or more of your sinus cavities are blocked and conservative treatments aren’t helping, you may be referred to a sinus surgery and ENT clinic in Mission Viejo for evaluation and treatment.

Why Consider Sinus Surgery in Mission Viejo?

The main purpose of sinus surgery is to clear blockages in any of the sinus cavities to restore normal airflow. You may benefit from procedures performed for this purpose at a sinus surgery and ENT clinic in Mission Viejo if you have recurring or chronic sinus infections (sinusitis) or a blockage caused by growths (polyps). Sinus surgery may also be the best option for you if a sinus cavity blockage is contributing to:

  • Difficulty breathing through your nose
  • Severe sinus headaches
  • Problems sleeping

Sinus surgery may also be performed at an ENT clinic to remove damaged or inflamed tissue or mucous membranes that are damaged. A thorough examination is typically done to view your sinus passages to determine the source and extent of the problem before surgery is recommended.

How Is Sinus Surgery Performed?

The most common type of surgery performed at a sinus surgery and ENT clinic in Mission Viejo is endoscopic sinus surgery. It’s performed with a thin, flexible tube with an attached camera that’s inserted through the nose. Because procedures performed this way are done via the nostrils, there is no need to make incisions to reach the affected area.

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Image-guided endoscopic surgery is a similar approach to sinus surgery that’s often recommended for severe blockages or if there are lingering issues following previous sinus procedures. The surgeon uses a near-three-dimensional mapping system that includes CT scans and infrared signals to control the placement of the instruments. This type of sinus surgery is also beneficial in instances where there is a need for very precise instrument manipulation.

A less-common type of sinus surgery is a Caldwell-Luc operation. It involves creating a space between the nose and the sinus cavity below the eyes (maxillary sinus) to allow for sufficient drainage.

What Happens After Surgery?

Following a procedure performed at a sinus surgery and ENT clinic in Mission Viejo, sterile gauze-like material (nasal packing) is usually placed into the nostrils to control bleeding. This packing can be absorbable, which means it will dissolve over time, or non-absorbable, which means it will need to be removed. Saline rinses, antibiotics, and pain medications are among the common types of medications often used temporarily after sinus surgery.

If you respond well to the treatment provided at a sinus surgery and ENT clinic in Mission Viejo, you’ll likely enjoy fewer sinus-related issues. However, sinus surgery does not mean you’ll be immune to other types of sinus congestion. For this reason, it’s best to make an effort to manage any nasal allergies you may have and be proactive about clearing up any congestion you may experience from seasonal colds.