One of the more common conditions that can negatively affect the nose is a deviated septum, which occurs when the thin wall located between the nostrils is displaced towards one nostril, which can make the affected nostril smaller. When this occurs, you may find it more difficult to breathe properly. Cases of deviated septum can occur at birth or as a result of an injury from playing sports or getting into a car accident. If the problems caused by a deviated septum are severe enough, you might want to obtain a septoplasty treatment to permanently correct the problem. These treatments can be scheduled at a septoplasty clinic in Mission Viejo.

What Is a Septoplasty Procedure?

A septoplasty is a type of surgery that’s designed specifically to correct a deviated septum, which occurs by straightening the cartilage and bone that separates the two nostrils. Along with suffering from breathing issues, you’ll also be at a higher risk of developing sinus infections because of lackluster drainage. A septoplasty will permanently correct a deviated septum, which will clear up any health issues that you experience because of the condition.

When you make an appointment with a septoplasty clinic in Mission Viejo, you should learn all about the Septoplasty procedure and what it entails. When the procedure begins and you’re provided with anesthesia, small incisions will be placed inside of your nose. The nasal septum will be straightened by replacing, trimming, or repositioning the bone or cartilage. While this is a very delicate surgery, it only takes around 30-90 minutes to complete, after which you can begin the recovery process.

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Why a Septoplasty Is Performed By a Septoplasty Clinic in Mission Viejo

While many people suffer from a nasal septum that’s somewhat crooked, it’s only when the condition is severe that you should consider obtaining a septoplasty. If you’re having difficulties with breathing because of the reduced airflow, you should heavily consider receiving a septoplasty.

Primary Risks of a Septoplasty

There are numerous risks that can occur when you obtain this procedure from a septoplasty clinic in Mission Viejo, most of which are rare. The most common symptoms include infection and bleeding, the latter of which is common and should go away after a week or two. It’s also possible that the nasal septum won’t be straightened properly, which means that you could continue to experience the same symptoms. Some of the additional risks that could affect you following a septoplasty include a reduced sense of smell, numbness in your nose, and an altered nasal shape.

What to Expect During the Recovery Process for a Septoplasty

Once the treatment has been administered, your main goal during the recovery process should be to reduce the amount of swelling and bleeding that occur around the incision site. To do so, make sure that you don’t blow your nose for a few weeks, keep your head tilted upwards when sleeping, and avoid any kinds of strenuous activities for at least a month.