When a person sleeps, their body focuses on repairing any damaged cells, muscles, and organs. Your immune system will also strengthen while you sleep. In order for a person to maintain good health, they need to get the right amount of sleep each night. However, there are a range of disorders and conditions that can cause you to have difficulties sleeping or staying asleep during the night. The most common sleep disorder that you can be affected by is sleep apnea, which can be treated by a sleep apnea doctor in Mission Viejo.

What Is the Sleep Apnea Condition?

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that occurs when a person’s breathing stops and starts repeatedly throughout the night. There are three kinds of sleep apnea that you could be affected by, which include complex sleep apnea, obstructive sleep apnea, and central sleep apnea. The complex type of sleep apnea is simply a combination of the obstructive and central types. With obstructive sleep apnea, this condition occurs when the throat muscles become too relaxed. If you’re affected by central sleep apnea, this condition is caused by the brain not sending the right signals to the various muscles that control your breathing. All types of this disorder can be treated by a sleep apnea doctor in Mission Viejo.

When trying to determine if you’re affected by sleep apnea, the many symptoms that you should look for include waking up with a dry mouth, snoring loudly, irritation, excessive sleepiness during the day, being unable to stay asleep, and not breathing at times while you sleep. If you believe that you suffer from sleep apnea, it’s recommended that you schedule an appointment with a sleep apnea doctor in Mission Viejo. If you’re able to get rid of your sleep apnea, you could begin to sleep soundly once more.

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Complications That Can Arise From Sleep Apnea

If you are affected by sleep apnea but don’t get it treated immediately, you’ll have a higher chance of developing complications. For one, you’ll almost certainly be more fatigued during the day, which can adversely affect the quality of your work. Because of the amount of strain that sleep apnea puts on your body, you might suffer from high blood pressure and similar heart problems. A few of the other complications that you could develop include liver issues, metabolic syndrome, and type 2 diabetes.

How Is Sleep Apnea Treated By a Sleep Apnea Doctor In Mission Viejo?

Once you’ve made an appointment with a sleep apnea doctor, you should be able to start improving your condition. If your case of sleep apnea is mild, you might only need to make some standard lifestyle changes like losing weight or exercising regularly. If you’ve been diagnosed with a more severe case of sleep apnea, you could be provided with a CPAP machine or oral appliance that can keep your airways opened. In the event that all other treatments fail, there are numerous surgeries that can be used to effectively treat sleep apnea, which include nerve stimulation, the repositioning of your jaw, tissue removal, and tissue shrinkage. Your sleep apnea doctor will be able to help you determine which of these solutions is best for your situation.
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